Answering Common Saltwater Swimming Pool Myths

Owning a swimming pool can dramatically increase the value of your home while also providing you with an almost endless source of entertainment. However, many homeowners may not be particularly informed about the differences between saltwater and freshwater pools, which can make it difficult for them to determine which option is best for their needs. For these individuals, learning the following answers for common questions about saltwater swimming pools can help to clarify this topic.

How Salty Is A Saltwater Pool?

There is a common assumption that saltwater swimming pools will be as salty as the ocean. Considering that excessively salty water can cause irritation to your eyes, skin, and hair it should not be surprising that this is something that many people want to avoid, which can cause them to overlook a saltwater pool. However, you may be relieved to learn that the water in this type of swimming pool is nowhere near this salty. In fact, this water often has a salinity similar to your natural tears, which means that this water can be very gentle for the skin, eyes, and hair of those swimming in it.

What If Your Own A Freshwater Pool But Want To Upgrade To A Saltwater One?

If you bought a house with a swimming pool, there is a good chance that the pool was a freshwater one. However, saltwater pools can provide homeowners with numerous benefits, such as lower maintenance requirements, and you may be wondering what is required to upgrade your freshwater pool to a saltwater one. While it can be easy to assume that this will require installing a completely new pool, this is not actually the case.

Rather, it is possible to convert most freshwater pools into saltwater ones. This can be done by simply adding a component to the pump that transforms salt into chlorine. While this may seem like a simple upgrade to make, you should always leave it to a professional. These individuals will be able to calculate the exact salt requirements for your pool, which can ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

A saltwater pool can provide your family with numerous benefits over a freshwater one. However, you may not have the experience needed to make an informed decision about opting for a saltwater pool. By making sure that you understand that the water in these pools is not excessively salty and that it is possible to convert a freshwater pool into one that uses saltwater, you will be better able to decide on an option for your home.

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