Get Your Pool Ready For Spring

As winter winds down to a close, it is time to get your pool ready for spring. Here are the first five steps you need to take to get your pool ready for your first spring swim.

#1 Start On The Outside

The first thing you should do is start on the outside of your pool. Clean up any leaves and debris around your pool that could potentially blow into your pool or get tracked into the pool when you take the cover off.

Cleaning around your pool will save you from having to fish all that debris out of your pool at a later date. 

#2 Clean Your Cover

Next, clean the top of your cover before you pull it off. Often times, over winter, debris and water accumulate on top of your cover. You need to remove all this water and debris before you pull your cover off. If you fail to do so, all that unwanted junk will make its way into your pool. 

Use a pump to get all the water off the top of your cover. After the water has been removed, sweep or rake away all the debris that is still on top of your cover. Once you have done that, you can remove your pool cover.

Remember to add some time in to clean your pool cover using a mild cleaning agent after you take it off your pool. You'll also want to allow it to dry completely before you store it away for next winter. A winter pool cover should only be used during the winter months; if you still want or need to cover your pool, use a spring/summer pool cover instead. 

#3 Add Some Water

The water levels in your pool may have dropped during the winter months. If your pool's water level is below the fill line, you'll need to add some water to your pool before you do anything else. Just drag your garden hose over to your pool and let it fill up your pool. You may want to add a little extra water as you may lose some additional water while you continue to clean your pool and get it ready for your first spring swim.

#4 Bring In The Pros

Now that you have completed the three steps above, it is time to turn your pool prep over to the professionals. Have your pool team come out and check all your plugs, skimmer baskets and trainers for damage. Then, have clean all the debris out of your pool and clean the walls of your pool. Next, have them start up your pump and filter system. Finally, they will need to test and stabilize the pH levels of your pool. 

In order to get your pool ready for your first spring swim, you need to complete the first three steps above before you hand your pool preparation over to the professionals. Although you can do step number four yourself, you can save yourself a lot of time by hiring a company like Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair to do it.